Our Paint Colors

paint colors for house

I’m excited to be sharing the paint colors we decided on before we move!

We have accepted an offer on our current home so the move day is drawing closer, but hopefully not too soon since there are a lot of dusty projects left to do. Ideally, those projects will be complete and I’ll do a thorough clean before moving us all in.

Back to the paint colors. On my monitor, the colors come through pretty true, and aren’t dark at all. One thing I’ve learned (through the process of choosing 9 colors for this house) is that paint looks different in every house.  But, seeing a color in someone else’s home or online is always a good jumping off point if you are in the  market for new paint.

Having said that, there is one that I can HIGHLY recommend and it’s a trim color -Ben Moore Mascarpone. It is beautiful, and I think it would look great in any home. We used it for all of our white trim and doors and we love it. Whites can be tricky, and this one is a WINNER.


The main house color we chose was Frazee Keratin. It is a greige with a little bit of a green undertone, and we love it. It toned down the pinks in the tile quite a bit and would be a great backdrop to many types of decor.