Kitchen Work Triangle Method

Today thanks to new technologies and new kitchen cabinets solution triangle might not work because there more than three main appliances. If you have additional appliances like the second sink or refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave oven you can’t use the triangle method. The modern solution is work centers method. It implies the space division between several key kitchen appliances. The main concept of this method is creating working zones or centers.

In this method you create specific working zones where several operations can be done.

The major areas  of Kitchen Work Triangle can by grouped in the following way:

work center for kitchen
Food preparation Area
This area should contain the following facilities: refrigerator, sink (might be a separate sink from the main one), trash bin and composted containers. In this area  the knife sets, cutting boards, mixers, blenders, casseroles and baking utensils, graters and cooking book storages should be kept.

Cooking Area
The main appliances in this area are oven, microwave oven, range and ventilation. In case you prefer co cook in the microwave oven it can be placed over the range. If you use it mainly for heating up the food or cooking snacks it is recommended to put it out of the cooking area as it may confuse you. The best place for it would be out of the cooking area but not far from it. The cooking area should be placed right next to the food preparation area so that food would go directly here. If you cook for many people or have big pots it is reasonable to place the faucet next to the cooking area. You also need a separate place for storing such items as saucepans, pot lids, oven mitts, fire extinguisher, and oils. Remember that all these things should be kept away from heat.

Cleanup Area
This centre should contain the main sink, washing machine, trash and compost bin. Don’t forget to organize storage place for all cleaning materials, food containers, paper towels, dishes and plates you use every day, strainers, colanders, garbage bags and others.

The number of different centres depends on your eating and cooking habits, family traditions and personal preferences. These additional centres can be:

Baking Area
If you like to bake you should organize area for it. This area may contain the marble table for rolling pastry, electric mixer, baking tins, different cookie cutters, measuring utensils, mixing bowls, cake decorating utensils and others. You should also think about storage for baking ingredients.

Snack Area
If you are usual to have snack at your kitchen make sure you have special area organized for preparing and eating it. This area should contain toast and microwave ovens, coffee and tea machine, popcorn maker, water cooler and of course all necessary dishes, cups and oven mitts. Try to keep the snack food close to this area as it will save your time while making snacks.

Eating Area
If you prefer to have your meal in your kitchen and it has enough space for it you can also organize eating centre. The main elements of this area would be table and chairs, storage for dishes, cutlery, napkins, and table cloths. You might also have a breakfast bar with stools and built-in nook. It’s up to you to decide what element you will place in this area.

Sometimes there might be an overlap between utensils and appliances of different areas. Try to put area with similar appliances and material next to each other to solve the double placing of the same things. The number of this areas and their size will depend on the amount of people in family and the total area.

Classical Triangle Work

Classical Triangle Work

If you are going to make a new planning for the kitchen you should know that there are many ways to do it.

One of the classical methods to make a kitchen lay out is known as triangle work. It appeared in 1959s and still is very popular many designers. The main idea of this method is that the whole layout is based on position of three main kitchen appliances: refrigerator, sink and range, which make a triangle.

Today the kitchens may have more basic appliances, sometimes two cooks or two refrigerators, that’s why this method was transformed into centres work.

Classical Triangle Work

The most important thing is to find the best and most convenient place for three main kitchen appliances: sink refrigerator and range. As soon as you find appropriate way to position them you will solve the main issue of the method. Here are some tips to make it:

1.  When you finally have the triangle made up by range, sink and refrigerator make sure that the total length of all three sides is not more than 26 feet. It means that every side of this triangle should not exceed 9 feet. If you follow this tip you work space won’t be cramped and at the same time not very large so that you won’t waste your time running between three main kitchen appliances.

2.  The triangle should not be on the main passing way. If you find it difficult to manage it try to redirect the traffic way because that will make your kitchen layout more comfortable and safe.

3.  Avoid any “islands” or “peninsulas” in the triangle between main work appliances. It will help you to save time and make optimize the time spent in kitchen.

Classic and Single-Wall

There are several specific plans for kitchen cabinets and they are usually classified by their shapes. The simplest layout is a single wall plan.

Another possible layout is a galley – the area between two opposite walls. But if you have doors at each end of the galley it will make the traffic pass through the working area.

A third possible layout is L-shaped. It goes along two sides of the room. If the kitchen goes along three sides of the room it is a U-shaped layout. Depending on the door location you can organize the pass flow away from your working areas. These shapes give the possibility to add islands or peninsulas in the layout making it more comfortable and functional.

Single-Wall Layouts

Single-Wall Layouts

If your kitchen is small the best solution for you would be a single-wall layout. One of the main advantages of this layout is the compact space organisation. You don’t have to walk far to take a dish and then to get the food from the refrigerator and then to start cooking it. If you add an island across you can turn this layout into a galley.

It is ideal for fast cooking because everything you need is right next to your hand. It will also save the space so you can organize an eating area here.