Kitchen Lighting Ideas

How to choose the right lighting for your kitchen

You or the members of your family might wish to have a spacious kitchen in which not only meals could be prepared, but also spending time together would be pleasant. So you need to have a bigger kitchen and the necessary changes should be put down in your plan. Probably you’d like to turn your kitchen into a dining room, where the whole family could sit and chat while having meals, then why not include the required alterations in the future design project of your kitchen?

It’s important to have a talk about the things you and your relatives would like to see in the kitchen, for instance, lighting scheme, the chairs and other places to sit, and, of course, the up-to-date devices each of you would need in the kitchen. Some more aspects can be mentioned in the course of your family talk; the thing is that you have to listen to the members of your family attentively and take all their demands into consideration.

The task might seem quite simple, but it isn’t, as people are different, and what is the best option for you may not be accepted by other people, even if they are your family members. Remember, there’s no universally good design plans, everyone has his individual preferences and tastes.

What things to Consider for Lighting Your Kitchen

Still, there are some universal rules, and they include the color and lighting aspects. If your wish is to make your kitchen look larger, use cabinets of light colored wood and paint the walls in light colors.

Pay special attention to the task lighting and to the lighting in general – good lighting can make your kitchen look a lot better. Imagine that all the kitchen cabinets are of dark colors and you can hardly see a thing because of the dim lighting – well, you might actually like this variant if you want to cook food in a cavern. Besides, nowadays tendency is to have the kitchen as a place to gather together and talk, rather than just eat and wash the dishes, so modern interior designs comprise good lighting, much space, great functionality and the ability to meet all the family’s demands. So think wise when drawing a plan of your future kitchen – it is one of the first very important steps to the new kitchen interior design.

The kitchen traffic is another crucial aspect in the design process. There are some commonly used kitchen schemes, like L-kitchen, galley, U-shaped, and others, but the majority of designers think that the most convenient variant is a triangle made up of the distances between the fridge, the stove and the sink. The most appropriate distance is between 10 and 25 feet, so that all people present in the kitchen would feel comfortable in it. A kitchen is the work space, so its plan should be carefully thought out.

You know what you want to have in your kitchen, but you still don’t have enough knowledge about the design process – then you should search for any design courses and college lessons. The proper education can be available to you at colleges of local, state, or federal associations; you only have to look through the phone book of your city and find the necessary numbers.

The professionals working in the sphere of kitchen interior are certified specialists, and this shows that the kitchen design area is getting larger. These interior designers have good fees and work on the interior designs with pleasure, though for that they have to graduate from specialized institutions and get useful experience from practice. In order to become a true professional you’d need to be aware of all the recent trends in the kitchen design (which you can learn about from specialized magazines), also it’s advisable to attend various seminars and training programs for additional knowledge, and draw information from any kitchen you see, as it’s one of the precious sources of new ideas.


As in any professional field, there are commonly accepted standards of the modern kitchen cabinets: counter height, cabinet depth, the amount of space needed for a fridge or a stove, and some other parameters.

The above mentioned proportions are the most common ones used in cabinet industry and among accessory manufacturers. Most stoves are of thirty inches width, whereas the width of a standard fridge is thirty-three inches. When a stove is installed, a half of inch is left on both sides of the stove to let the kitchen owner easily put it to any other place in the kitchen for cleaning or repairing.

In case of fridges, the space which is usually left during the installation is thirty-three inches, but this measure can vary greatly, so before the installation works start check the exact size of your refrigerator. You won’t like the situation when your non-standard fridge doesn’t fit in the thirty-three inch space you have left for it. This case is not quite common, but still there’s a chance to be disappointed by the results of the renewal process, so check all the measures carefully.

As you can see, the designing of your kitchen takes a lot of efforts, but if you’re ready to spend your time on all the essential details, you’ll definitely like the final result.