Best Mini Ovens Reviews

Best Mini Ovens

Having a mini oven can make daily activities a lot easier. These small home appliances play a vital role. This is especially the case where your main oven or the inbuilt oven on your cooker suddenly stops working. The oven is excellent for toasting bread, baking. Also, depending on the type of mini oven, it may have a convection cooking function. The countertop design of most mini ovens make them easy to access and use.

With so many advantages, it is easy to see why a lot of people are looking to purchase a mini oven. To get the best mini oven for your home use, there are lots of factors to consider. Some people may need a mini oven for vacation periods during which they travel to a summer cottage. Others may buy a mini oven to run on electricity to avoid using the gas oven. In all cases, there are other general considerations which you can find as you read through this article.

Factors to consider

Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the Best Mini Oven. They include:

  • Price and budget– When considering the price of a mini-oven, there are other factors which have an effect. The capacity as well as various functions available play a vital role in the price of the oven. The price will also vary depending on if the oven is an electrical or gas oven. Finding an oven which falls within the budget that you are willing to spend will require going through these factors.
    Available features– There are lots of features which are common with most mini ovens and others which are unique to just a few. When choosing a mini-oven, there are features to look out for. Some of these include a non-stick interior which is much easier to clean. Others include additional rack positions, digital LCD screen, convection, timer, alarm, etc.
  • Alarms and timer– Having an oven with a long timer can make cooking a lot easier. Some mini ovens come with a 30-minute timer while others can go as high as 90-minutes. You need to carefully consider the type of food you will be cooking regularly before making a choice.
    Alerts are also an important area that goes along with the timer. Some ovens have lights which may blink or switch off after the timer. Sound alarms also make an excellent form of alert.
  • Size– The area where the oven will sit is one of the most important considerations when making a choice. Is the space available on the counter or under the cabinet? What is the dimension of the space?
    While these questions need answers to give the right mini-oven size, the selection of the space is based on the area with more ventilation. Space needs to be in a position with a lot of free room to prevent overheating of the oven.
  • Volume- The interior size of an oven determines how much people you can serve at once. When selecting a mini-oven, considering the number of people in the home gives a clear idea of the dimensions of the mini oven you require. Food is another area that determines the volume requirement. Will bread slices or pizza be the more common food which you will be cooking in the oven? Or do you have a much larger dish in mind?

Top 5 Mini Ovens Reviews

1. BLACK+DECKER TO1313SBD Toaster Oven

The TO1313SBD has a lot of excellent functions which make it a versatile oven. It has a four function design such as warming the food, toasting, broiling, and baking.
Taking a look at the interior, it is spacious enough to occupy 4 slices of bread at the same time while using the EvenToast Technology. It is also very easy to clean after use since the crumb tray is removable.
With knobs on the oven, it is possible to adjust different settings on the oven. There are three knobs with one for the temperature, another for the cooking function, and the last for the timer with a max value of 30 minutes.

• Operating the oven is easy with clear and simple instructions
• With heating elements on top and bottom, there is no need to turn food over while cooking
• Cannot turn off the oven if cooking is complete before the timer counts down

2. Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

Adjusting the settings on the BOV450Xl from Breville is a lot easier with the digital display and the buttons. It has an alert feature to indicate when the time is up.

This oven gives the opportunity to scroll through 8 pre-programmed cooking functions which have the right timers and temperature settings ready.

Three rack positions which this oven comes with gives a lot of flexibility to the cooking methods in the oven. These rack positions make it possible to efficiently utilize any of the 8 cooking functions to get the most out of this oven. The interior is also quite spacious and can contain an 11″ pizza.

• Get additional cooking time with the ‘a bit more’ button
• Select from 3 rack positions
• It uses an Element IQ technology
• It is quite expensive

3. Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven

The roll-top door of this oven is one of its unique excellent features which make it a great mini oven. This door makes it easy to add spices to any food or remove any food with ease without getting hurt. Along with the crumb tray, after each use, the roll-top door removes with ease for cleaning.
Although it comes with a single rack, it has two rack positions. Depending on the type of food, the rack can be set-up in the appropriate position.
Changing settings on the oven is quite easy when using the dials on this oven. Cycle through three cooking functions available which is the toast, bake, and broil. With the choice of the stay-on setting, the oven can keep cooking even after the timer is complete.

• The roll-top door is excellent for gaining easy access to food for adding spices without any harm
• An automatic shut-off feature
• The oven rack needs to be manually pulled out
• It has gaps when the oven door is shut which makes it less efficient

4. Oster Oven (TSSTTVDGXL-SHP)

A lot of mini-ovens pale in comparison to this Oster oven in term of the timer. Unlike most mini ovens which have a 30-minutes timer, this oven has a 90-minute timer. Along with the digital display and controls, the oven also has a convection cooking mode.
The oven is much better for use when there are lots of people to feed. The interior spacious enough to contain 14 slices of bread with its two oven racks.
It is a countertop oven with a turbo convection feature. It has a temperature range from 200-450 degrees with a shut-off alarm. There is no need to watch until the timer countdown, just listen for the alarm.
• Digital controls make it easy to control with an LCD for viewing important settings
• The oven has a large interior for feeding a larger crowd
• There is no interior light in this oven

5. Hamilton Beach (31126) Toaster Oven

With the installation of a fan which works in combination with heating elements at the top and bottom, the 31126 oven gives the option of either convection or bake. The convection function not only lowers the time for cooking but also cooks the food more efficiently. It has a bell sound which serves as an alarm to tell when the timer is up.
The oven has a rack, bake pan, and a crumb tray. Two rack positions make it easy to use both the bake pan and rack at the same time. It also allows the selection of a more efficient cooking position for different foods.

• Cleaning and maintaining the oven is very easy with removable door
• It has a convection setting
• The oven heats up fast
• It has a loud fan
• The heat from the oven is quite high

Mini ovens have become very popular in homes and manufacturers keep pushing plenty of these appliances into the market. Understanding what features you need in a mini oven is necessary to select the best option out of those available.
The best oven will vary for each user and should contain only features which are a necessity in your daily life. Mini ovens get more expensive depending on the features available so you do not want to end up paying so much for a feature which you really have no intention of using on the oven.