Best Corded Drills Reviews

best corded drill for woodworking

If you are worried about getting the best corded drill at affordable prices, you can breathe easy. There are many corded drills available, which are not as expensive as you think. You have to decide what kind of corded drill you are looking for. If the best corded drill for you is the one which has a rotational speed up to 2,500 RPM, then you should check out speedy corded drills. If the best drill for you is the one which has 7-or-more-ampere power motor, then you should start searching for powerful corded drills.

Corded drills come in various sizes, power, and speed. So, it is you and the purpose of your buying that will decide which the best corded drill is for you.

Top 3 Corded Drills Compared
Dewalt has many models of corded drills. So has Milwaukee and Makita. They always try to improve their earlier drills, by either increasing the motor power or the speed or the torque. Some say that Milwaukee’s 0234-6 Magnum is the best corded drill while others put their money on Makita’s DP4000. Still others are sure that Dewalt’s DWD112 VSR is the best.

We will take a look at the features of these three corded drills and also some others which are strongly competing with them.

Here our 5 Best Corded Drills Reviews

1. Milwaukee’s 0234-6

Milwaukee’s 0234-6 Magnum has a powerful 5.5 amp motor. A good feature for the drill. That it belongs to the corded drills category adds to its utility because the power can be well-used with a continuous electricity supply. It has reversing ability and a rotational speed of up to 850 RPM. The Quick Lok facility makes it easy to unplug the cord and store it away, an advantage and disadvantage at times for the corded drill. The brush cartridges can be removed and replaced within 60 seconds and a spare cartridge has made it one of the most sought-after corded drills.

2. Makita DP400

The Makita DP4000 comes out with a mind-blowing 7-ampere motor. This could thus make it demandable, more than the Milwaukee’s Magnum. This instrument has a speed of 0-900 RPM. It offers you controlled drilling ensuring you that the drilling will not break walls or damage surfaces. The design and the side handle, which can rotate 360 degrees, enable you to have a firm grip of this master of corded drills in the industrial space. The ball bearings, the control you can get over the tool and the amazing power and strength makes it a listed corded drill.

3. Dewalt’s DWD112 VSR Pistol Grip Corded Drill

Then there is also another vying for the spot of a corded drill. It is the Dewalt DW112 VSR. You hold it like a pistol and a powerful 7-ampere motor is waiting to attack any surface. This is one of the most effective corded drills to use in heavy-duty applications, especially in construction sites. The best thing about this corded drill contender is its price. It costs between $65 and $95. So, unlike other corded drills, this will not make a hole in your pocket. Another impressive feature about this drill is that it weighs a measly 4.1 lbs. So, you can only imagine the comfort and control this corded drill gives its handlers. . It boasts of a speed of 0-2,500 RPM. The ball bearings give this giant among corded drills a smoother operation and greater durability. Though it is one of the lankier cousins among corded drills, it is undoubtedly the best corded drill among the three mentioned here.

4. BLACK+DECKER DR260C 5.2 Amp 3/8 Drill/Driver

This is one of the most famous corded drills that are used to do heavy drill work at construction. It has a 5.2 amp motor. It can perform admirably even if the work is an extremely heavy. You might want to know how powerful it is. It is powerful for all my normal drilling operations.

So for now if you are on a tight budget, you can be at least sure that this champion driller will not demolish your financial plans. But if you think that the drill will be extremely heavy due to its powerful functions, get ready to be surprised. This corded pistol grip drill is lightweight and compact.

It weighs only 3.5 pounds. If you are looking for superior comfort and control, then this drill is what you need. The design of the drill is so unique that it can be used for both aggressive as well as sensitive applications. This is a very durable industrial drill that has a good warranty period and is from a reputed manufacturer within a reasonable price.

5.  SKIL 6335-02 7.0 Amp 1/2 In. Corded Drill

This is another super drill that you can get within your budget. You will get this under $100. This is an old fashioned corded drill that can drill very effectively. A 7.0 motor assists the drill in order to make it very durable and longer living. The variable speed range is between 0 to 950 RPM. The drill can do the job in a very versatile manner. It can lead to optimized drilling in a number of materials.. This helps it to have a high reliability, an extended life span and smooth operations.

The Final Words: 

In spite of the development in the technology of cordless drills, corded drills are still preferred for any use. Heavy-duty tradesmen, those engaged in industrial work of drilling hard surfaces, will always go for corded drills. The appeal of these drills has led manufacturers to innovate and come out with products, one better than the other. Some of them have excelled in their niches. For the singular reason that the cordless drill batteries need to be recharged at regular intervals, corded drills still find a lot of takers. Work never stops with a corded drill unless the power supply is disconnected. Some corded drills are heavier than cordless ones. But, some people complain that a cordless drill is heavier than a corded drill because of the battery weight.