Best Aloe Vera Juice Reviews

If you want to enjoy the beneficial effects of aloe vera, you are probably interested in finding the best aloe vera juice you can find. For this, it is necessary to have products with a high purity, preferably of biological or eco character and that maintain their properties in an adequate way over time. All this without forgetting the need to bet on products free of preservatives and other elements that can alter the properties of the product. Recommended products such as 100% organic Mother Earth Products juice , whose certified origin and manual processing is already proof of the high quality of its nutritional properties. Something similar offers us the juice of aloe vera Optima Health Aloe Pura, which in this case has a mixture of inner gel and leaf to generate a nutritious juice and certified by the International Aloe Council, as proof of its quality.

What is the best aloe vera juice on the market?

To properly exploit the beneficial effects of aloe vera juice it is not enough to buy and take the product. It is also necessary that this product has the quality and purity necessary to properly preserve the nutritional properties of the product. To make it easier for you to find the most suitable product for you, you can count on the advice of our guide to buy the best aloe vera juice on the market, where we give you some clues about what you should consider to obtain a quality product.

Shopping guide

Juice composition

One of the aspects that makes the difference regarding the quality of an aloe vera juice is precisely its origin. In this case, it is obvious that we always talk about juice obtained from the plant, but it is important to know both the part of the plant we are talking about, as well as the origin and type of cultivation of this leaf. Let’s start talking about the part of the plant, leaving the part of the crop for the next section.

Starting, then, for the part of the plant with which the juice is made, in general we find three types of juices. One of them, the most interesting, is the juice that is obtained directly from the inner pulp of the plant. In this case, there is a difference in how much this type of juice costs, but the truth is that, for its properties, in the end the additional expense is worth it.

Secondly, we have mixed juices, which include both part of the inner gel and the juice squeezed from the leaves, being somewhat cheaper than the first ones, although losing part of their properties. Finally, we have the cheapest juices, which are made directly with leaves. This alters the concentration and, although they are still recommended, they would be the weakest of the three we have raised.

Leaf cultivation

Among the elements that should always be present in any comparison of aloe vera juices that we read, the type of leaf cultivation cannot be missing. A crop that must always be of quality, although as we will see, there are different levels with which to choose one or the other will make a difference with respect to the quality of the juice.

The most recommended crop is organic or biological. In this case, the leaves are grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other elements that can contribute to the leaf any harmful element. Obviously, this type of juice is somewhat more expensive, but the result is really worth it. In any case, it is convenient that this crop is duly certified by European standards in this regard, which are always an extra peace of mind.

As an alternative, we have traditional cultivation products with chemicals, which are not as intensive as conventional ones, but which, in any case, are a good alternative for low-cost juices. By the way, in both cases it is convenient that the processes of extraction of the juice also follow the established norm, so that it would not make sense to find juices of eco origin processed in an industrial way, for example.

Juice purity level

Although we have previously pointed out the issue of purity, we will now focus on this expressly. A purity that depends mainly on the presence in the juice of other elements that are not properly extracted pure juice. An important aspect, since a lower purity means a lower nutrient content.

In general, the best aloe vera juice is one that contains 100% of this product, as is obvious. In this case, we talk about a pure juice, so that it is not accompanied by preservatives or other elements, obtaining a greater nutritional richness. However, they are juices that must be consumed quickly and stored properly to avoid deterioration.

If this is a problem, we can opt for less pure juices, not less than 99% of aloe vera juice. That remaining percentage is usually completed with lemon juice, or citric acid as you look, to give a different touch to the juice. Finally, we find juices that also contain preservatives, which in any case must be natural and organic, so that they do not affect the texture, or the nutritional characteristics of the juice.

What is the best aloe vera juice of 2019?

If you need a boost for your health, aloe vera juice is a highly recommended supplement. A product that, however, must have a good quality to offer you the best results. If you are looking for the best aloe vera juice of the moment you can take a look at the candidates that we have collected in our selection of the best aloe vera juices of 2019, which we have chosen for you.

Recommended Products

Mother Earth Products 100% organic

Main Advantage:

This drink offers a high nutritional contribution, since it is a 100% natural product, without additives or chemical preservatives. In addition, its presentation offers you significant savings, since it comes in a liter boat.

Main Disadvantage:

Although it is not considered a disadvantage as such, it is recommended that once the canister is opened, keep the juice refrigerated in order to preserve its nutrients unalterable.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is an aloe vera juice recommended by many buyers, who appreciate its affordable cost, its pleasant taste and the positive effects on your health.

Main Features Explained


The aloe vera plant has been known for thousands of years, the natives already used it in their potions and recipes. It is a medicinal plant that offers great health benefits, since it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This drink prepared by Mother Earth Products, contains trace elements, vitamins, minerals and also polysaccharides; elements that help a better functioning of our organism.

It is a juice that offers antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to purify the gastro-intestinal tract and improve digestive processes. As many users comment, taking this drink daily has improved their stomach problems, such as reflux and heartburn. It also offers stimulatory and enhancer effects of the immune system, promoting resistance to diseases and viruses.

Likewise, the juice can be applied with confidence, on the skin; especially in lesions or superficial diseases of the dermis. Also, as refreshing in case of sunstroke.

Reliability and presentation

It is important that you have a trusted manufacturer when buying any natural product for consumption or for external applications. In this case, it is a reliable brand, which produces natural products under strict compliance with standards and regulations established by the European directive; reason why it has its accreditation and certification.

In the production of this non-concentrated juice of aloe vera, an average of 1,200 mg per liter of Aloverosa is used and a natural stabilizer is included that favors its conservation, citric acid from the juice of fresh lemons, in a concentration of 0, 3%. Therefore, unlike other similar products, this drink has a pleasant taste, which allows its consumption naturally integrated into the diet.

Its presentation is an amber glass can of 1 liter capacity and screw cap. You can choose between different options available, the amount you want to buy; from a unit to a set of 18 boats. For consumption, the manufacturer recommends 20 ml 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

Origin and cultivation

The biological and organic cultivation of the aloe vera leaf is carried out in a warm region of Mexico, where the fertile soil provides the optimal conditions for the plant to develop and produce high quality leaves. The freshest and best leaves of the harvest are selected early in the day, and then washed and filleted thoroughly in a controlled environment.

From the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, the purest gel is extracted, rich in nutrients and with more than 200 natural ingredients. This juice is processed and bottled in Germany, at the Nuremberg biological control center. In addition, during the sowing and cultivation process, no synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used, in order to preserve the purity of the plant.

10 reasons to drink aloe vera juice or aloe vera

1.- The juice of aloe vera prevents constipation . It helps the mobility of the intestine and this in turn causes us to go regularly to the bathroom and fight or prevent constipation. If we do not go to the bathroom regularly it can be harmful to the colon and aloe vera, with its mild laxative effect it favors the movement of the stool until its elimination.

2.- Aloe Vera juice helps you lose weight. Aloe vera juice is beneficial to drink before starting a diet of thinning or before starting a detox program because it helps eliminate toxic substances accumulated in the body due to poor digestion and promotes a better function of our cells, tissue and organs The elimination of toxins is basic because the body blocks these toxins with fat, so if we gradually reduce the level of toxins stored in our body, the level of accumulated fat will also be reduced. The accumulation of new fat will also be reduced, since, if we take aloe vera juice with food, the soluble fiber that contains aloe is able to bind part of the fat in food and expel it with feces instead of being absorbed and accumulated and thus contributes to weight loss.Glucomannan , a component of aloe has satiating effect .

3.- Aloe Vera juice has an anti-inflammatory effect . There are many chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, burns, etc. They are caused by inflammation. Aloe vera can help reduce inflammation and pain in the affected areas. The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera is mainly due to compounds such as campesterol, lupeol and beta-sitosterol, all three with anti-inflammatory action. Aloe Vera juice is able to fight inflammation by blocking the production of prostaglandins and histamine.

4.- Aloe Vera juice contains vitamins and minerals . The juice of aloe vera gives us very important vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of our body. It contains vitamin A, vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B6, B9, B12), vitamins C and E. It also contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, sodium, manganese or potassium.

5.- Aloe Vera juice to purify the body . Aloe vera juice helps expel toxins accumulated in the digestive system. In addition, the aloe juice taken regularly eliminates the toxins that are circulating in our bloodstream.

6.- The juice of aloe vera or aloe is digestive . Digestive problems such as gas, heartburn, peptic ulcer, abdominal swelling, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Aloe vera juice can restore and normalize digestion and improve the conditions of the stomach and small intestine, protecting the walls of the latter, avoiding the accumulation of toxins and pathogenic microorganisms that can cause the symptoms indicated above and stimulating their elimination from the body.

7.- Aloe vera juice to lower cholesterol . Regular consumption of aloe juice can contribute very positively to reducing the levels of “bad” cholesterol or LDL, since the beta-sitosterol of aloe vera favors the elimination of cholesterol. It not only helps eliminate cholesterol in the arteries and triglyceride levels but also reduces cholesterol levels in the liver. Reducing bad cholesterol helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

8.- Aloe Vera juice gives us essential amino acids . The pulp of aloe vera or aloe provides us with the 9 essential amino acids (isoleucine, leucine, histidine, tryptophan, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine and valine). Essential amino acids are those that our body cannot produce, so it is very important to provide them through food. This is very beneficial especially for people who follow a vegetarian diet.

9.- Aloe vera juice for oral health . Aloe vera helps us prevent gum damage, reducing inflammation and bleeding. In addition, the antimicrobial action of aloe helps control populations of mouth bacteria that produce tartar on the teeth. Aloe juice is also very beneficial for mouth sores or canker sores.

10.- Aloe Vera juice or aloe vera to control blood sugar . Aloe vera juice has a hypoglycemic effect, helping to control blood sugar spikes or rises due to its glucomannan content, a component of aloe, helps regulate blood sugar, which would especially benefit people with diabetes .

How to prepare aloe vera juice at home

Growing aloe vera is simple and is the best way to always have access to this plant and be able to prepare the juice whenever you want.

Use mature plants that are 2 or more years old, since, before that time they do not have all the beneficial properties that we mentioned before.

The first thing to do is to cut the outermost penca (leaf) that has the aloe and we will make the cut as close as possible to the base with a knife or knife very clean. Be careful not to cut yourself with the spiny edges of aloe.

Wash the penca under the tap or tap a little. Then we will remove the edges on which the aloe has the skewers so that they do not bother us. To do this we will make a cut from the tip of the penca to the base and then repeat on the other side. Now we put the knife in the pulp of the aloe on the final side of the penca. From there, we go down to the base hitting the knife as much as possible the most superior skin or skin of the penca.

Pass the aloe through the tap again to remove any rest.

Take out the pulp by placing a large spoon on the outermost part of the penca and lowering it towards the base. We just want the pulp.

Place the pulp in a glass or hand blender and beat slowly until you get a juice with a dense texture.

It can be taken between half a glass and one whole throughout the day. You don’t have to drink it alone, you can mix this juice with natural fruit juices, green juices, lemonade, etc.

Aloe Vera juice lasts two days in the fridge or refrigerator. If you are not going to use all the amount that you have prepared, you can freeze it in buckets or coolers and you always have it ready to use.