Before and After White Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet makeover before and after
I really enjoyed updating my client’s kitchen recently.
 If you ask me, there is nothing more timeless than a classic white kitchen, and is a great option for updating oak cabinets.

Here is what we started with:

Pre Designed Kitchen Cabinet

Her cabinets were a white washed oak. She was looking to paint them white, and she had a southwestern theme going on. She had recently installed new granite in a warm, rich gold and brown, and was waiting for her new “wood” plank tile to be installed. There was a lot going on in there, and pulling it all together was a challenge.
Here is the result … (by the way, there was zero natural light that day because it was dark and rainy so the pictures are yellow and washed out…the cabinets are more crisp and clean in person).
 I did some research on how to go about choosing a white cabinet paint in a kitchen with white appliances. After looking at a lot of images and reading designer opinions, we came to the conclusion it would be best not to compete with the appliances by matching them or even coming close, since they are so stark. We let the cabinets related to each other and let the appliances relate to each other. With her warm, rich granite, backsplash and flooring, a stark white without a warm yellow undertone in it might not have pulled it all together. The color (BM Linen White) appears more yellow in some of these shots because of the lighting issues. With better lighting (and black or stainless appliances) it would be even more fabulous.
 The builder basic hollow panels  got some bead board and trim work:
  • This shot is a little better representation of the color.
  • I thought her new flooring was beautiful.It’s tile made to look like wood.
  • No worries about scratches, and talk about easy maintenance.
I was SO bummed about the lighting that day.
Close ups of the bead board and trim work:
Probably the best shot of the actual color without the white appliances influencing it..
I have to tell you guys that when we came back for the final touches of adding hardware and remaining trim work, I was surprised to hear that my client’s circle of friends weren’t responding very positively to the cabinets or her beautiful flooring! Maybe it was because the hardware wasn’t on yet, but I’m sure that kind of feedback makes a person second guess their choice to go white. I told her she was a trend-setter with her group of friends and that all the young kids are doing it.
white kitchen cabinet organized
I guess white isn’t for everyone, but I’ve found that most people really like it. Who doesn’t like this kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give? Her alternative would have been to either keep her existing white wash oak, strip it and refinish it, go black, or reface/replace which is cost prohibitive for many of us. Of course if she ever replaces her appliances with stainless it would really pull things together even more.
Do you like white kitchens?