A complete guide to decorating your baby girl nursery

decorating your baby girl nursery

Having a baby is a blessing. Along with all the fun stuff, you have lots of planning to do leading to the baby’s birth. Planning for the big day is sure exciting but what’s more interesting is setting up the nursery.

 Raising a baby is expensive – close to a million dollars, excluding the college fees. And then let’s not talk about the pre-baby expenses.

 According to the BabyCenter calculator, a furnished nursery can cost you an approximate of $1770 dollars. In this blog, we’ll enlighten you with some savvy shopping tricks and tips that will help you save a lot of money on your baby girl’s nursery.


Avoid all Themes

 No matter how attractive and fascinating themes you see on Pinterest, mother of twins and expert blogger of Plush Homes, Nina Petronzio says keep your furniture simple, neutral and flexible so it grows with your child’s age.


The Barney bed or the Dora blanket might be tempting but you can still have fun with your room by keeping themes neutral, and when your kid is no longer a fan of Barbie.

 Choose Calm colors

 Any experienced parent can tell you that your daughter’s room will get messy and loud, real fast once the toys and gifts come in from relatives and grandparents.


The first two years will be a lot of work, lack of sleep, new experiences and excitement. Your daughter will have her opinions for the decor but for now, keep it as calm as possible. Avoid bright and loud colors and enjoy the tranquility and calmness of the nursery.

 Set up a reading corner

 These nursery decoration tips are not just fun but also useful. Since you and your daughter will spend most of your time in the nursery, creating a reading area can help you bond and get closer to your child.

 Owner of LeBlanc designs, Tiffany LeBlanc suggests making a reading corner with a huge chair that you and your daughter can enjoy for years to come.

 Multi-Purpose Nursery

 A well-furnished nursery is all about the right designs, colors, and furniture. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier to furnish your child’s nursery with dual purpose items.

 A clean, nursery will have a lot of space for your toddler to run around. Purchase furniture that serves multiple purposes, like a coffee table that can fold and sit on top of the nightstand, or an ottoman that has a lot of storage capacity.


Flooring is a Must

 With all the accessories, designs, and decorations let’s not forget the most important element of the nursery- The Floor. Since we’re looking for long-term benefits, keep the center of the room empty and free of clutter.


A soft pastel colored carpet for your girl to crawl on and to organize future tea parties. Soft rugs will also help dampen the sound of in and out tip-toeing.


Paint the Walls


Many new parents feel exhausted at the thought of painting the nursery walls and often get confused what color theme to choose. Our experts at Baby Center suggest decorating one focal wall is not only simple but also appealing to the eye.


Decorate the focal wall with paint, wallpapers, architectural displays. Don’t be too overwhelmed or predictable by flooding the walls with baby photos. Try using color schemes and creative ideas to make the nursery more pleasant.


Keep Artwork Creative


Don’t make the mistake of decorating the nursery walls with baby photos from the internet. Put up animal photos and playful artwork that can last for up to three years to get the most out of your money and effort.


Honestly, babies don’t even care what you post on the walls. But it’s definitely pleasing to the eye and helps to distract your girl at 2 am when sleep is not an option.


 Invest in Comfortable Bedding


It is tempting to purchase the princess box bed for your little girl, but you need to remember one thing. Baby bedding is another item in the nursery that should grow along with your child. Think wisely and invest in bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and curtains that you will appreciate beyond the baby phase is long gone.


Windows material is not that expensive and goes hand in hand with a good bed setting. Keep the curtains light letting air and light pass through. Since you’ll be decorating a girl’s nursery you want to prefer light and pastel colors.




No matter what gender baby you’re having, a humidifier is a wise and useful investment. It will not only help your baby sleep better but prevent their skin from getting dry. It will help ease the cold symptoms too.


Another useful benefit of installing a humidifier in your baby’s room is the white noise it produces. The continuous, rhythmic and comforting sounds a humidifier produces is like the sounds your baby hears inside your womb. Not only it will fade the extra noises of the dog barking, the vacuum running or the loud television but it will also help lull the baby into a deep and peaceful sleep.


Don’t Overdo, Babies Don’t Care


The nursery is the most sacred place for the baby to stay. However, if you don’t have enough money to purchase the fur wallpaper you saw at your friend’s place or the princess crib you wanted to buy, don’t beat yourself up. Spend your money on resourceful things that the baby can use after a certain age too. This is important if you want to move to a new apartment a few months after the birth of your child.


Focus on creating a room where you and your child will spend most of the time bonding, playing and reading books. This is where she will spend most of her childhood. So make sure the room is spacious and clutter free for them to enjoy and make the best memories.


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